Sunday, November 29, 2009

I got it!!!!
There's an endless list of reasons to love this movie (super performances by Warren Beatty,
Julie Christie,
Goldie Hawn,
and Jack Warden)
... plus there's a quite touching love story hidden in there. But, really, Julie Christie's sequined, turtleneck backless dress eclipses all...
...wait for it....

The most stylish movie ever made. We've got:

- a roadtrip across the south of Spain, broken up by frequent pitstops at dusty restaurants and roadside bodegas...

- the African dessert

- a leading lady (Maria Schneider, of Last Tango in Paris notoriety) so chic she can effortlessly rock a Hawaiian shirt paired with unflattering navy blue trousers.
(Not the best ensemble in the movie, definitely, but still.) Here are some better images of her...

- young Jack Nicholson....

- 70s moustaches...

- a karate chop/fight scene so awkward it looks like stop motion
(I wish I knew how to get the video for it... stayed tuned - maybe I'll figure it out someday.)
The scene is especially remarkable for being the only 20 seconds of action in a movie about mistaken identities,
arms dealers,
a nervous breakdown,
a scorned wife,
a television producer,
and young lovers on the run...

I'm already a sucker for gritty-yet-slow 70s movies, but if you add all the above... I'm a goner.