Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Heart of Gould

The Silent Partner, Daryl Duke (1978)
Again, it's been a long while. I've been paying all my attention to a different Cold Picnic. But I think you may enjoy (who couldn't?!?!) these images from The Silent Partner, a super-fun take on a bank heist film. Elliot Gould stars as a cheeky yet shy Canadian bank teller, along with the magnificently eyelash-ed Christopher Plummer as a sinister robber, Celine Gomez as the also-cheeky mystery girl, and Tom Jones's Susannah York as the one character in the entire movie filmed from behind a vaseline lens.

I meant what I said about cheeky...

those eyelashes

the vaseline lens in action

Celine Gomez's near Gould-esque levels of cheek

The most perfect haircut since Maria Schneider's perm in Last Tango

Surely a nod to The Long Goodbye